Style example tracks

Examples of my playing compiled from sessions over the past 30 years. Records, movies, TV, etc.

Tele ‘Twang’ (ghost Town)

Bossa Nova rhythm (Corcovado, Tangerina)

Clean Strat rhythm (Game main title, Lennie Moore)

wah-wah (from video game)

Jazz Guitar (Minority, KL4)

Steel String & Jazzmaster elec (My Mother’s Only One, Bianca)

Clean Strat rhythm (What’s The Matter, Matthew Lee Band)

Pop Rock – LP and Strat (hellBat!)

Tremolo melody and solo (Star at 500, Shelley O’Neill)

Solo electric guitar (1st Noel, Xmas)

Fuzz ‘Mayhem’ (Capt. Crab)

Jazz guitar (Raven, KL4)

Acoustic & Electric + fx/bkwrds guitar (Wanda’s Little Trouble)

Industrial (Atari/Jaguar)

Snd Trk (Heroic from Faster, Jim Watson)

Electric + all fx (Alex Kharlamov)

Acoustic and Electric Rhythm (1-Way Night Train, Matthew Lee Band)

Fat 335 rhythm and Lead melody – Funk (KL3)

335 lead melody – ballad (Wee Small Hours, KL3)

Clean Rhythm, Les Paul solo (Some Fine Day, M. Lee Band)

Phased Rhythm – Trance/chill (Pork Pie)

Strat solo w/light phaser (Damien Masterson)

Clean Tele Rhythm (Movie Snd Trk, Lennie Moore)

Smooth Jazz 335/Chorus’d Strat (Andy Suzuki)

Smooth Jazz clean Strat/335 solo (Graham Dorsey)

Funk solo 335 (Graham Dorsey)